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Top Quality Fresh Meat of cow Marches

Quality chain from farms Marrandino, the prized meat of Marchigiana PGI (Protected Geographical Indication). High quality meat, always tender and juicy, come from our farms selected and controlled. The Protected Geographical Indication "Beef of the central white" refers to meat from cattle, males and females, only Chianina, Marche and Romagna, aged between 12 and 24 months. These races are in fact significant common morphological characteristics such as apical dark pigmentation (skin, muzzle, tongue and palate, etc..), The white coat that looks reddish at birth and the first three months of life, bodily structure. Common features are also valuable: the particular precocity (the typical age of slaughter is between 16 and 20 months), the characteristics of growth, the dressing percentage (62-64%), and the excellent quality of meat you have lean, tasty and low in cholesterol. The PGI "Beef of the central white", the only name given to fresh beef in Italy, wanted to actually legitimize the precious value of the best Italian beef cattle breeds in white coat: the Chianina, who won fame in the world Gourmet for the legendary "T-bone steak", the Marches, an ancient breed meat and work camps are also widely distributed in the inland areas of Campania, the coast, known for its exceptional quality of meat. The "Beef of the central white" PGI owes its reputation for fine meat breeds listed above, especially delicious, as well as nutrients and superior commercial characteristics: bright red, fine grained, consistent, firm and elastic at the same time, with slight infiltration of fat (white) that run through muscle mass. Quality resulting from the breed of the animal but also from the diet during the period of fattening. The value of highly nutritious meat "of the central white veal 'PGI is the high rate of protein of high biological value, low fat content (the average is 2% PGI), the excellent iron content, in the form most easily absorbed by the body, and the high percentage of vitamins of group B. Of cattle for meat production PGI, identified and registered in herd books, is raised in accordance with the standards prescribed by the specification and branded. The marking is done at the slaughterhouse by an expert appointed by the inspection. The logo should be engraved on the surface of the carcass, at the outer face of the 18 cuts of meat required by the regulations. The meat is sold at the cut or sealed packages and always in retail outlets that agree to keep this separate from other meat products. The outstanding reputation earned in the kitchen from the meat "of the central white veal 'PGI does not need other specifications: the tenderness and flavor of delicious steaks, grilled or fried, dell'arrosto, skewered and roasted of boiled stew, just recall the goodness and value of ancient Italian culinary traditions.
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