mozzarella marrandino 1
mozzarella marrandino 1
Ethics and Quality

Social Responsibility and Environmental Protection

Since 1942 Marrandino is a fast growing, able to create economic value in the long term upstream and downstream of a single chain such as that buffalo. The development strategy has always been based on social responsibility and environmental protection, the values essential to a just spill benefits arising from the development company, also on the surrounding territory and operators active in the entire business chain. The sustainability of Marrandino is the ability to combine the production of value intended as cooperation with other actors in the system and an effective and proper use of land resources. The stability of the company, its system and the entire supply chain, is based on proper reporting, transparent and trust. The "quality" of management and corporate governance from the ethical point of view joins the "quality" of the phase of the process and consequential as a synthesis of the finished product. The daily mission is to create innovation that meet the needs and the needs of the market, customer loyalty, and consumers, engaging in the "Chain of Quality" employees, partners, suppliers for a growing system, chain in the broadest sense of the term, so it can grow over time even the commitment to the community. A company is made up of people and can not refuse to deal with the society in which it operates.

Environmental sustainability
We respect our environment by adopting technology solutions for saving energy and reducing wastage of raw materials, also we manage waste and recycling collection differentiating. Marrandino has a production plant for photovoltaic solar energy more than 200 kW integrated with the production of energy from BIO GAS nearing completion. The objective is to contribute to reducing CO2 emissions into the atmosphere and reach in the coming years, the total energy self-sufficiency in the company, this is GREEN COMPANY Marrandino.

Real and Certified Quality
Quality is a serious matter. Not a nice word. For this reason Marrandino has its own laboratory equipped with the latest technologies and certification bodies accredited by major national and international. Hundreds of weekly checks Marrandino cover the entire chain, from breeding on every single item to check them, nutrition, health, hygiene, and then the milk, before and after transport in the manufacturing and product worked before packaging.




D.O.P. Denomination of Protected Origin

The Mozzarella di Bufala Campana is produced by Marrandino in observance to the DOC (DPCM 10/05/1993) and DOP production discipline (CEE rules n.1107 dated 12/06/1996 and the Commission rules (CE) n. 628/2008 del 02/07/08). The Mozzarella di Bufala Campana has obtained the DOP brand by the European Union thanks to its quality and its characteristics, exclusively due to its place of origin. The first matters, the climate, the quality of the ground as well as the local traditional techniques grant its auhenticity, traceability and typicality.


CConsortium for the Protection of "Mozzarella Di Bufala Campana"
In Marrandino stringent checks are made, executed by the Consortium to ensure that the Mozzarella di Bufala is produced in accordance with the regulation, it should be remembered, even in small percentages does not allow the use of milk other than the buffalo. The mark of the Consortium, with the references of law and the authorization number issued by the same, marked on the wrapping is a guarantee of authenticity of the characteristics of the product and geographical origin. 



Operates as an independent inspection, verification, testing and certification of goods, services and systems. Cermet-Accredita, through its network plays a leading role in the activities of certification of management systems and services. Integrity, transparency and ethical behavior have always been the core values on which Cermet-Accredia operates throughout the world.







HALAL ITALY Authority is the official and ONLY Halal Quality Certification in Italy, representing what the Islamic International Certification Authority, the Authority INTERNATIONAL HALAL, 'which is Recognized by Independent Authorities Governmental Organizations, NGOs, consumer associations and Halal Authorities and Religious Representations of Islam in the World . HALAL ITALY AUTHORITY is an International Organization, Halal Certification, which operates worldwide, with the most rigorous and uniquely shared Internazional Halal Standards. HALAL ITALY AUTHORITY certifies Halal quality products in over 20 countries in the world, of all the production sectors.



The BRC Global Standard for Food Safety was created in 1998 to ensure that the brand products are obtained according to defined quality standards and in compliance with minimum requirements. It can be likened to a contract that binds the company to suppliers qualified distribution. And 'one of the standards relating to food security accepted by the Global Food Safety Initiative (GFSI), an international initiative, whose main purpose is to enhance and promote food safety throughout the supply chain.



The IFS (International Food Standard) was developed by the operators of the mass distribution in France, Germany and Italy, with the aim of managing the process and limit risks, and is now an international standard for testing of products food private label distributor, retailer and wholesaler. Also adopted by the main Italian associations of category, this standard is applied at all stages of the production and processing of raw materials from agriculture and farms.


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