An extensive range of products. Not only cheese and mozzarella.
The Quality Chain MARRANDINO, provides its customers with the guarantee of high quality standards other two types of meat products Fresh and Seasoned,  strictly from our own selected and controlled farms.
Our products are the result of passion, technology and tradition
From our experience,only safe products. The controls are tight, the quality is the mission, respect for the tradition of a great product like buffalo mozzarella, an Italian excellence. Our products are tested and certified daily,For these reasons, the major Italian and foreign distribution companies have chosen Marrandino.
From our farms top quality meat.
The Quality Chain MARRANDINO, is a guarantee of high standards for  traceability, provenance and authenticity also for fresh meat of bovine Marchigiana IGP, Buffalo, Black Pig Casertano.Our animals are fed on natural forage and feed produced within the farm Marrandino
The unique seasoned meats only made with the finest meat.
Craftsmanship and quality meats,aromas and the mastery of a perfectly seasoning to produce, buffalo salami and black pig salami. © 2012 - 2014 | WEB & ADV Digitalmente
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