Media Area
See and read more about the Chain of Quality Marrandino.
Suppliers, Customers, Final Consumers, Business Partners can take advantage of this space for a virtual tour inside the company. We are proud to show you how we have a big family, where we live, how we work, trying to convey all the passion with which each day we grow the chain of Quality Marrandino. While waiting please visit the company and enjoy our products in person, we offer some digital media get to know more closely.
A gallery of pictures to show you our chain.
Since the birth of a new cattle or buffalo bred in our farm to finished product, every day life is marked by a passion for quality with full respect for the environment that gives us unique conditions for a unique product.
The wide range of products in our factory.
To your point of sale, for your distribution or simply to choose every day new ideas and new flavors to your table, we have prepared a handy catalog easily browsable online.
Experience our company and our events.
From the promo documentary that shows in detail the highlights of the day of the Chain of Quality Marrandino, joy of being able to assist also in the social area in which we live and work. As evidenced by the closeness as a sponsor and business partner of SSC Naples soccer team and basketball JUVECASERTA roaster. Why is the Marrandino CHAIN ​​OF CHAMPIONS. © 2012 - 2014 | WEB & ADV Digitalmente
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