mozzarella marrandino 1
mozzarella marrandino 1
Since 1942 to protect the Mozzarella Quality
Marrandino has been able to build over time a chain of quality, dedicated farming Bufalino, the milk production and processing of Mozzarella di Bufala Campana DOP. The company was founded in 1942 as a small artisan cheese, is a symbol of tradition handed down from generation to generation, industry today successful in the food segment.

The Company that was born 70 years ago, as a small handwork activity thank Pasquale Marrandino, it is changed, during 70 years, in a structured and efficient farm, able to protect with security the genuiness of every its product.

The farm was born Naturally in Campania, where the roughness of the landscape give the place to the sweetness of riches pasturine Mazzoni. Here there is the Marrandino cheese factory, where thank happy union between tradition and technological innovation, it produces fresh cheeses of great quality for organolettic characteristics and for its nutritive value.

You can have trust in our farm, just like have done our affectionate customers for 70th years!

The Quality Chain Marrandino, has its own farm growing more than 1300 heads Buffaloes, plus a dozen carefully selected farms, in a radius of just 2 km. The farm is strictly high quality, strict health checks, healthy and balanced diet, forages carefully selected and GMO-free, are cultivated in the sign of tradition, in more than 160 hectares of keeping Marrandino, ensuring the production of milk Bufalino genuine.

The buffalo milk, just milked early in the morning, it led to the establishment of working through tankers. Before processing, personnel of the laboratory, making the sampling and the microbiological and chemical analysis to determine the percentage of fat, protein, lactose, the presence of detergents and antibiotics, the bacteria, acidity.


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